Special Report

December 2016 Issue

Environmental Nutrition 2016 Index

Month, page number are in parentheses.


Caffeinated Beverage on Overdrive (Jan, 4)

Carbonated Water Safety (June, 2)

Healthful Beverage Choice Alternatives (July, 1)

Probiotic Beverages Reviewed (June, 1)

Teatoxing Myths Busted (July, 2)


Bones and Blood in Cooking (Feb, 2)

Culinary Algae Oil a Good Choice (Nov, 2)

Meal Delivery Programs Reviewed (Jan, 7)

Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Meat

Cheese Comparison (April, 5)

Egg Replacers, Plant-based (Nov, 3)

GE Salmon Update (April, 2)

Goat Meat a Healthful Choice (Dec, 2)

Meat Plumping Additives (March, 2)

Snout-to-Tail Eating Trend (May, 3)

Diet and Disease Prevention

Brain Fog and Diet (Oct, 3)

Breast Cancer Prevention Update (May, 6)

Cancer-Acrylamide Link (March, 3)

Cancer Myths Busted (Dec, 1)

Cancer Survivors Often Have Poor Diets (Jan, 2)

Constipation Relief with Food (Dec, 4)

Diabetes Carb Recommendations (June, 4)

Diabetes Foods Reviewed (Nov, 7)

Digestive Concerns Addressed (Jan, 6)

Diverticulosis Diet Tips (June, 7)

GERD Diet Relief (April, 4)

IBS Eating Tips (July, 3)

Ovarian Problems Treatable with Diet (April, 7)

See Clearly with Eating Tips (March, 1)

Stomach Safety During Travel (August, 3)

Diet Patterns and Nutrition

Alkaline Diet Reviewed (Jan, 3)

Best Diet Consensus (March, 2)

Carb Phobia Dashed (Sept, 7)

Gut Microbiota, Feeding with Diet (Nov, 4)

Dietary Guidelines Released (April, 2)

Fiber Focus for Gut Health (April, 1)

Low-Fat Diets and Health Review (Feb, 1)

Low-Glycemic Index Eating (Dec, 6)

Lutein-Rich Foods (Oct, 3)

Mediterranean Diet and Longevity (Nov, 2)

Negative Calories Don’t Exist (Jan, 2)

Nourish Your Bones with the Right Foods (August, 1)

Nutrient-Dense Diets (Oct, 1)

Nutrition Hype Explained (July, 6)

Portfolio Eating Plan has Benefits (Nov, 6)

Environment, Food Allergies, and Food Safety

Bean Sprouts, Eat Safely (April, 3)

Cannabis Concerns in Food (Jan, 3)

Environmental Impact of Food Choices (July, 2)

Ethical Eating (Oct, 6)

Food Miles Impact (Sept, 4)

Food Sensitivities Identified (Oct, 7)

Food Waste, Cutting Back (April, 6)

Greenhouse Produce Eco Impact (Oct, 2)

Guar and Health Concerns (Feb, 2)

MSG Safety (Jan, 2)

Nitrates in Perspective (April, 3)

Organics Go Mainstream (August, 2)

Safer Food on the Horizon (Feb, 2)

Pesticides Removed with Washing (Nov, 2)


Berry Good Health (June, 3)

Grape Expectations (July, 8)

Grapefruit Glory (March, 8)

Pears are Incompearable (Oct, 8)

Stone Fruit Celebration (July, 4)

Water Apple Benefits (May, 2)

Grains and Legumes

Breads Compared (May, 5)

Buckwheat (Nov, 8)

Green Chickpeas (Dec, 2)

Grains are Great (Oct, 5)

Heritage Wheat Made New (March, 7)

Hummus Comparison (Sept, 5)

Popcorn Review (June, 5)

Pulses, a Sustainable Food (August, 7)

Sorghum Gains Traction (Jan, 8)

Labeling and Marketing

Defining Animal Welfare Labels (Feb, 6)

GMO Labeling Update (Oct, 2)

New Nutrition Facts Label Explained (Sept, 2)

Meals and Snacks

Breakfast Cereal Time (March, 5)

Dark Chocolate Bars Reviewed (Feb, 5)

Pizzas in Supermarket Compared (Nov, 5)

Salads, Lighter Options (July, 5)

Smoothies, Finding the Best (August, 5)

Snack Better (May, 2)

Soups in Restaurants Reviewed (Dec, 5)

Tomato Sauces, the Best (Jan, 5)


B Vitamins on the Brain (March, 4)

Calcium Controversy (Feb, 7)

Lycopene Power (Dec, 3)

Omega-3 Plant-based Superstars (Feb, 3)

Omega-6 Confusion (August, 3)

Plant Compounds Impact on Blood Sugars (Dec, 3)

Vitamin E on the Brain (Jan, 1)

Nuts and Seeds

Hazelnuts, Healthy and Delicious (Dec, 8)

Nuts Boost Satiety (Nov, 3)

Raw Nuts Benefits (Oct, 2)

Salt and Spices

Salt-Trimming Tips (March, 6)

Oregano Intrigue (Feb, 8)

Salt, Pros and Cons (May, 2)

Supplements and Natural Remedies

Arginine and Heart Health (July, 2)

Brain Health Supplements (Nov, 1)

Citicoline on the Brain (August, 2)

CoQ10 and Your Health (May, 3)

Dietary Supplements May Harm Liver (Feb, 3)

Lavender, Beyond Aroma (Sept, 2)

Moringa Health Bonus (June, 2)

Multivitamin Pros and Cons (Sept, 1)

Oil Pulling Information (March, 2)

Sugar, Sweets, and Sweeteners

Agave’s Sweetening Fix (August, 2)

Birch Sap Sweetener (April, 2)

Sugar and Heart Health (May, 4)

Sugar, Trimming from Diet (August, 4)


Bell Peppers, Ring Them In (June. 8)

Brussels Sprouts Shout Out (Sept, 8)

Jackfruit, Jack of all Trades (Sept, 3)

Meet Your Veggie Goal (May, 7)

Mushrooms, Mix In Foods (Feb, 4)

Onions, Give a Cry (April, 8)

Tomatillos Explored (May, 8)

Tomatoes, Healthy and Sensational (August, 8)

Winter Squash Seasonal Celebration (Oct, 4)


Body Weight Type Matters (June, 3)

Weight Loss Success and Sustainability (August, 6)


Altitude and Health (Sept, 2)

Clean Eating Guide (Sept, 6)

Diets Out, Wellness in (June, 2)

Diet Trends 2017 (Dec, 2)

Juicing Truths (Sept, 3)

Plant Proteins Shine (July, 7)

Processed Foods Defined (July, 3)

Protein to Fuel Your Day (June, 6)

Rainbow of Produce (May, 1)