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November 2016 Issue

Most Strokes are Preventable

The majority of strokes, the leading cause of death and disability, could be prevented by reducing or eliminating important risk factors, researchers found. Ten controllable risk factors are responsible for 90 percent of all strokes worldwide. The study, which involved 27,000 people from around the globe, estimated that eliminating high blood pressure (hypertension) could reduce risk by almost 48 percent, making it the most important modifiable risk factor. The other risk factors listed (with potential risk reductions) are: physical inactivity (36%), poor diet (23%), obesity (19%), smoking (12%), heart causes (9%), diabetes (4%), alcohol use (6%), stress (6%), and blood fats (27%). The combined reductions were almost 91 percent across all regions, age groups and gender.

The Lancet, July 2016