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September 2015 Issue

High-Protein Diets May Pose Long-term Health Risks

Touted as a quick way to lose weight, high-protein diets may backfire, according to a five-year Spanish study of 7,000 adults over the age of 55. The study participants were free of heart disease at the start of the study, yet had either type 2 diabetes or three or more risk factors, such as high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, or obesity. When subjects replaced carbohydrates with protein, it was linked to a 90 percent greater risk of gaining more than 10 percent body weight and a 59 percent increased risk of death from any cause. Replacing protein with fat increased the risk of death to 66 percent. This study further supports that while high-protein diets may seem appealing for short-term weight loss, their long-term health risks may not be a good strategy for overall health. You’re better off focusing on a balanced diet with low-fat protein choices, such as fish and legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  

Presented at the European Congress on Obesity, Prague, Czech Republic, May 8, 2015